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Ltd. "FLOTTEHSERVIS"            
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+7 (8617) 25-82-88

353902, Krasnodar region,
Novorossiysk, st. Tram, d. 16

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Ship repair and logistics fleet

Dealerships warehouse marine and industrial paints Novorosiyske

Marine and industrial paints


Flottehservis company is the official representative of the South Ross's company Jotun Paints - the world's leading manufacturer of marine and industrial coatings.




More than 15,000 ships painted Jotun
Jotun offers modern products that effectively protect any court against corrosion and fouling.


114.pngDealerships paint warehouse in Novorossiysk

8-906-432-92-56; 8-988-762-57-72

(8617) 27-96-60; 27-96-61; факс 27-96-26

Buying paint materials you'll get a full range of services: travel technologist at an object provides detailed color scheme of your object, if necessary, our experts will make cleaning and painting of your object, we can perform supervision of the application of paint on your site.



The range of materials. Map colors. technical description.
Comprehensive protection



fouling protection is very important to maintain the seaworthiness of the vessel. Fouling affect fuel consumption, and as a result, may endanger the environment due to emission into the atmosphere.




Shopprimed - a quick-drying material that is applied to a thin film on the surface to protect the metal before and after assembly.




PRIMER: Jotacote Universal
Designed specifically for use in new construction. Universal primer that provides optimum protection at maximum efficiency.




PRIMER: Series Jotamastic
These paints combine the excellent corrosion protection and significant economic benefits, as well as many years of experience in the broad market spectrum.




Topcoat: Hardtop Optima
Hardtop Optima - polysiloxane topcoat with high solids with excellent gloss and color preservation




Topcoat: Hardtop Flexi
Hardtop - is a flexible and durable polyurethane coating finish, effective in areas subject to mechanical wear, where most of the material is too brittle.



Topcoat: Hardtop XP
High performance polyurethane topcoat with a high solids content, ideal for spraying and improved for brush and roller, which is very much appreciated by users.




Topcoat: Hardtop AS
Hardtop AS - durable, excellent surface finish, combining corrosion protection and excellent appearance.




Topcoat: Hardtop CA
Hardtop CA - two-component acrylic topcoat with good gloss retention and color - an excellent alternative to polyurethane coatings



Topcoat: Pioner Topcoat
Fast alternative to alkyd topcoat





Topcoat: Pilot II
Easy to use high-gloss alkyd topcoat




A ballast tank coating: Balloxy HB Light

Designed for ballast tank coating Balloxy HB Light provides reliable and long-lasting protection thanks to proven technology.


24COATING cargo hold: Series 600 Jotaguard

Jotaguard Series 600 - a coating for cargo tanks, combining the protection of the integrity of structures with excellent performance.



Select coatings resistant to a wide range of goods, or to a particular load / group of chemicals. Sheet resistance to over 14,000 chemicals.

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